October 22, 2016

Quarantine new birds... I MEAN it!

I love to talk about how different breeders and pet bird owners house, feed and care for their canaries!  But there is one topic that everyone shifts away from... none wants to talk about it!
QUARANTINE all new birds!
I recommend quarantine of all new birds, and I mean putting the new birds in a separate room, with separate seed sacks, watering containers, and other supplies.  Take care of your birds first, then feed and water the new birds.  Look at the cage papers daily, and watch how the new birds look at various times during the day.  How do they look at noon?  Do they go to sleep early?  Are they drinking normal amounts of water?  Are they eating the proper amount of seed?
Please read this article, even though it seems long.  And give it serious consideration!
The most important question you will ever answer!