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*** Our 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021
and 2022 Games Were FUN!!! ****

  NEW 2023 GAMES
to begin February 1st!
This year there will be three games, which will be opened all at once at the beginning of the month, and you may send your entries any time during the month.
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Sample Jigsaw Puzzles
Here are several easy photo jigsaw puzzles, just to get you familiar with working with an online jigsaw puzzle. 
Click on a piece to 'lift' it, 'hold' it by keeping your mouse arrow on it, and you can then move it around. When you line up two pieces who fit together, they will stick together.  Watch the bottom of the puzzle for your time!!!
This easy puzzle took me just over one minute to complete.
TRY IT!   :)

Here is a slightly more difficult jigsaw ... IT LOOKS MUCH HARDER than it really is!

This one has a difficult photo, but all the pieces are NOT rotated, so if you look at the different shapes of the pieces, it will be easy!