How To Play Canary Games

NOTE:  This is NOT to gather emails, or to gain followers!   I have nothing to sell during these games!
The purpose of these Games are just to have FUN!
I have NOT received ANY compensation from any company!
I have personally paid for all prizes, OR generous canary friends have donated fun items....
.... no paid promotions or endorsements exist!

1)  I will open each 'game' by a post on on our FB Savoy Singers Aviary page.
The instructions and rules of each game will be included in the post. 
(Read the general Rules below.)
2)  There may be some 'games' for your enjoyment only and will not have a winner or a prize.  For example, there will may be general Canary Quiz to test your knowledge.  You can mark your answers and then click a link to reveal the results.  This is just for your personal fun.  Or I will post funny bird cartoons.  :)
3) Most 'games' will have things for you to do, if you want to be eligible for a prize!
 You may have to comment, follow clues in a search online to find an answer, post a photo, or submit a list in a private message to the Savoy Singers Aviary page.
4) Closing dates for each game will be clearly stated!
5) Winners will be announced on the FB page.  If you have won a prize, I will send you a Private Message.  If you don't see a message from me in your Facebook inbox, please send Savoy Singers Aviary a PM.  To receive a prize, you may need to give me an email address or a mailing address, if you are receiving a physical prize!  You will be responsible for providing correct contact information.  YOU DO NOT NEED TO PAY POSTAGE OR ANY "FEE" TO RECEIVE ANY PRIZE.

Rules and Terms:
  • All games and activities are open to the public.
    Anyone visiting my website and Facebook page are free to participate,  or to simply watch the game/s. (See note about shipping below.)
  • Poor sportsmanship, bashing and any other hurtful behavior (including posts and comments) will be deleted, blocked, and reported to Facebook.
  • All activities and off-Facebook links are places I have read/visited and I have found them to be safe, but I cannot be held liable for any result of your use.
  • Facebook is not liable for any result of these activities.
  • All prizes will be chosen by a method announced in the instructions for each game.  Most often, winners will be determined by the date of their post.  In other instances, a random number generator, or other third party app, will be used.  Dates will be as I see when I view Facebook, which is Mountain Standard Time (UTC -7).
  • Winners will need to send a Facebook PM to the Savoy Singers Aviary page.  In some instances, winners may need to provide an email address, or physical mailing address to receive their gift.
  • All prizes that require shipping, may only be shipped to continental USA addresses that are serviced by USPS.  PLEASE NOTE:  Participants who live in other countries MAY not receive prizes.  INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING MAY BE AVAILABLE IN SEVERAL GAMES, as announced, unless unknown problems arise. 
  • SSA reserves right to substitute prizes if original prize is not available or is not suitable for shipment.
  • All prizes will be awarded within a week of the game's completion, but receipt will depend upon other factors, such as delivery times.
  • By participating in our games, you agree to these terms.
If you have questions, please ask me for more instructions!