Good Canary Books

Updated 6/15/2023.
Here are some of my
(In NO particular order of preference.)
I encourage everyone to read, read, and read even more!
Websites and social groups are a source of information,
but the wisdom in books is so valuable!

These books are available for purchase on Amazon, Ebay, or Advanced Book Exchange.
I also found many canary books at the four local public libraries near my town.

The Complete Canary Handbook:
A Collection of Canary Tales
By Linda Hogan

I can spend all winter reading this book!  It is not organized strictly by topic, and is basically just as the title says:  a collection of explanations/examples of all the many events that take place in a bird room, with advice to help with any problem!  The answers are not easy to look up quickly, so I recommend reading it from cover to cover, more than once!
She is a well-respected bird breeder, judge and exhibitor, as well as a curious and observant author!

I browse her CanaryTales blog
whenever I have time!
Much of this info (not all) is posted to her
website, with photos.

A Vision of the Perfect Yorkshire
By Stephen R Dominey and Robert Pepper

Not a book for the first-time canary owner, but invaluable advice for anyone serious about improving their birds. The book's details are specifically concerned with the Yorkshire canary, but anyone with a breed or type standard to set as a goal may put the advice into good use.
The authors dedicate the book to breeders they respect and admire, whose biographies I enjoyed very much!
I talk about how much I gained
from reading this book, in this post.

(available from the authors: Yorkie Supreme )
(available from the authors:
Yorkie Supreme )
Printed 2020
The Gloster Fancy Canary
By Annalain & Nick Barrett
The Gloster Canary is covered in the first three chapters, and throughout the book, but there is SO MUCH MORE!  This is like a textbook by canary stockmen.  I doubt there is a topic of concern to a serious breeder/exhibitor of type canaries, that is not discussed in this book.
Not a book for a pet owner, but anyone with a goal of truly understanding breeding for improvement, this book will keep you reading and studying for years.

This book deserves a full book review, but for now, it has earned my highest respect.
The Fife Canary
By Terry Kelly
This book is useful for beginning Fife Fancy canary breeders, as well as reinforcing the important principles of pairing and producing a quality stud needed by experienced breeders.
There are chapters on the basic knowledge needed to manage the birds for 12 months... as well as specifics on exhibiting and the model.
A breed-specific book with information that is explained in a way to be useful in day-to-day work with your birds.

The author's website contains a summary of the information contained in the book, as well as directions for ordering the book directly from the author.
The Canary: An Owner's Guide to a Happy, Healthy Pet
by Diane Grindol

This can be found for a few dollars... but it is worth much more! It is a basic introduction to owning a canary,
with all the basics covered.
I especially loved the chapters
on 'Enjoying Your Canary'!

The Practical Canary Handbook:  A Guide To Breeding & Keeping Canaries
by Marie Miley-Russell

Covering many subjects, this book describes the methods and the practices that work for an experienced breeder. Read this from cover to cover, and you will learn the important principles of successfully breeding canaries!
One of the best for someone wanting to go from pet owner
to breeder or exhibitor.
Coloured, Type and Song Canaries:
A Complete Guide to Keeping, Breeding and Showing
by G.B.R. Walker and Dennis Avon

Descriptions of the various breeds, types and colors of canaries, as well as notes on standards for showing, guidelines for breeding and examples of care/feeding of canaries.  You will find answers to most of your questions in this book. The practical aspects of the genetics of breeding explained. Contains only basic explanations of showing.

Book Review by Jay Bunker:

Canaries and Related Birds
By Horst Bielfeld

Feeding and housing of canaries in the European tradition, but is good, solid information.
Detailed descriptions and breeding tips of a complete list of breeds, colors, and types!  Includes many helpful photos of good examples of breed/color standards... photos as simple as comparing hard/soft feather birds, and as advanced as comparing subtle differences in breed standards.
Brats In Feathers, Keeping Canaries:
A Guide For The Pet Canary Owner
By Robirda McDonald

I enjoyed this book!  It includes many step-by-step photos
of the topics a new canary owner needs to know.
It also contained many tips on how to tame and enjoy your canaries as loved companions!

I enjoyed the many articles on her website (now only found on the Internet Archive)
and this is where it began!
Canary Crazy: How To Keep, Breed and Care For Canaries
By Robirda McDonald

This book covers the basics more in depth, as well as breeding, disease, and ethical bird breeding.
These two books make a good set, in my opinion!  :)
Fundamentals of Color Genetics in Canaries:
Reproduction and Control
by Octavio Perez-Beato

Very brief descriptions of color, and their history. More 'scientific' explanations of pairing -- This book contains a few little tidbits that are different than the Walker book above, but is also less helpful for quick answers.
Stroud's Digest on the
Diseases of Birds
By Robert Stroud
Covers symptoms and indications of many illnesses and health issues that we may encounter in our birds.  An A to Z encyclopedic form, with an index to contents/topics.

Canary Breeding Tips and Tricks
by Herman Osman

This book has useful tips regarding feeding, breeding, and general health. He understood his birds, and gave little tricks to managing his hens and breeding pairs! There is much outdated information about specific food products of yesteryear, but the understanding of canary behavior is solid.  This may be found in a new reprint and also this 1958 original and reprint editions into the 1970's.  Suitable for a collector.
Keeping Canaries
By Brian Keenan
The author has a website with many articles of information and writes a regular column on Canaries Month by Month for the Cage & Aviary Birds magazine.
The Red Canary:  The Story of The First Genetically Engineered Animal
By Tim Birkhead

This is a wide-ranging history of the early advancements in the red factor canaries, as well as the social and political attitudes in Germany at the time.  This has a little of the technical breeding of the original birds, and is an insight into the people and their lives.
Canary Health
by Dr. Rob Marshall

Yes, this book prescribes and recommends the Dr. Marshall's Health Products, including medications and supplements.
It also explains WHY he developed the individual products for specific problems or care situations.
Many subjects are discussed: caging, feeding, and breeding.
The troubleshooting sections cover nutritional deficiencies as well as disease and pest infestations.
What It's Like To Be A Bird
By David Allen Sibley
This is a fun book!
There are many facts about birds of all types.... how they move, why they behave certain ways, and talks about so many things,
I dare you to remember even a couple after reading the book!
But, so much fun to read!
Training Caged Birds
By Nancy Brudigam
Concerns the topic of hand taming, training a wide assortment of birds.
Canaries -- A Complete and Practical Guide to the Breeding, Exhibition, and General Management of The Popular Birds
By C.A. House

This book is of interest for it's look into the world of canaries in the past.  It recounts highly successful methods of the breeders who brought into perfection the many colors, types, and breeds of canaries as we know them today!  :)
Don't be-little those old-fashioned methods;  look what they produced -- for us to enjoy today!
The Canary Handbook
By Matthew M. Vriends and Tanya Heming-Vriends

This book is a general-care book, written by knowledgeable bird authors, who also wrote books on other avian species.
I found many things too simply stated to be of real help if I had a problem, but there are also some very interesting ideas for caging and feeding.
I considered it boring, but
everyone has a different need.
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