November 2, 2023

Canary Games (CLOSED)!

This is late notice, but a last minute idea to keep myself occupied while the IFFCA National Show is being held... and I made the last minute decision to STAY HOME!  Oh, dear.  I needed something to occupy myself with this weekend, so HERE ARE THREE CANARY GAMES, coming Friday, November 3, Saturday, November 4th, and Sunday, November 5th!  NOTE:  I am testing our first ever Canary Chat Zoom meeting, to talk canaries, with a guest Tom Cubbage, of Bird Connection, from Great Falls, MT!!!  Tom is an exotic bird breeder, Manx cat breeder, beekeeper, and a nationally recognized educator.... and more.  Saturday November 4th at 2 p.m. Montana time MST is the day and time of the chat.... please message my Facebook page @SavoySingersAviary for an invitation!