👉 Read:  MEET DEBBIE! (a newspaper article about Savoy Singers Aviary) 
A Brief History
     About 30 years ago, I had three canaries, all of which turned out to be males. They were an interesting part of my life at the time... I even had them singing in the background of the greeting on our answering machine. They would spend time out of their cage to fly around our dining room. Canaries were not easy to find in the local pet shops, so I did not buy replacements when the last one died.
     Then in 2008, my sister-in-laws both bought little dogs, and my mother offered to buy one for me. I said NO... I want a canary! :) The local pet shops did not have canaries... and I spent the next year searching pet stores in every town we happened to pass through. Nothing.
     I eventually put an ad on craigslist asking for information leading to canaries! A kind lady named Anne sent me the name of a breeder in Billings, MT and that was the Beginning!!!
     In winter of 2009, I came home with 3 pairs. I raised about 10 youngsters in 2011, had some bad times in 2012, but returned to the breeder for more birds. I began with 3 pairs in 2013 and raised 18 youngsters. Again I purchased more birds that fall! I purchased my first American Singers.
     In 2014, I had 5 pair and raised 35 young canaries. Again, I purchased new stock.  In 2015, I began the year with 14 pairs, and hatched 93 chicks! 
     Do you see where this is heading????? 
     I purchased new stock, again, and plans for 2019 could include 37 pairs!!!

Goals and Plans
    I bought my original stock from show-winning American Singer breeders and an established 45-year veteran color-bred breeder.  I am a member of the American Singer Club and, while I have not been able to travel out of state to enter song contests, I do have serious goals for my bird room!
    My primary interest is in the American Singer, but I think my bronze canaries are beautiful!  I recently purchased breeding stock in Waterslager, and Yellow Opal.    Next year should be exciting with all the new colors and breeds!  Update 2022:  I am now entranced by the Fife Fancy canary!
Club Memberships

Why 'Savoy'?
   You may wonder 'Why Savoy?' When I tell someone local that I 'live at Savoy', they know I mean an old abandoned townsite east of Harlem, MT. It was a thriving railroad town in the day of my husband's grandparents. A few families still live along the county road that used to serve as Savoy's main street. I live several miles south.

    For a little more info and a photo of the old schoolhouse where my husband graduated eighth grade, visit this Flicker page by Outlaw Pete.

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