January 31, 2017

January in the Bird Room -- Month by Month Journal

Month by Month
I am posting this entry in my new 'Month by Month In the Bird Room' Journal a month late!  LIFE outside my canary room has been full of new things, so I've been busy, busy!
But, LIFE also goes on in the birdroom!
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    Let me say:  hoping all of your birdrooms are filled with SINGING!!! 
    My first goal for the month is to 'CONTINUE'!.  I want my hens to continue resting and passing time until March.  I am encouraging my males to sing, and all to co-exist peacefully for another month.  I am continuing my observations of the young ones I've kept.
   Most of the cultural conditions and feed will continue, except I am adding variety to the basic seed mix.  By adding some of the foods I will be adding during breeding months.  When they are feeding youngsters, they will quickly accept the wheat flakes, pellets, softfoods, and misc. seeds.