March 28, 2017

March in the Bird Room -- Month by Month Journal

Month by Month

March came in like a lion here in Montana... it seems to be ending with nice SPRING weather!     COMMENTS are enabled for these journal posts so please jump in with your advice or questions!
This month was spent in preparing my birds for breeding.  I have gradually increased the variety and nutrient-dense seeds and grains.  And the natural light from outdoors has increased by hours as spring is nearing! 
    Please watch your birds!  I noticed they are consuming much more water and seed!  : )
    I mixed a small amount of pellets in their  basic seed mix, and for the first time, they loved it!  I believe a GOOD fresh seed mix should be the largest part of my canary food.... but I do want any birds I sell to be willing to eat anything, including pellets.  In years past, whenever I fed pellets, most of my birds were unwilling to try them.  But this year, all but two males seems to love them.
    I am also feeding black and white lettuce seeds.  Several years ago, I saved lettuce seed from my garden, and found my canaries loved them.  I read several books that listed the good nutrients in lettuce seed, so I ordered several bags to use this month.
    Washing nests, ordering new water tubes, and printing off my hatch records are all done.  And I nearly have all the cages restacked, the bird room rearranged, and cage liner sheets cut in bulk.
     PLEASE, set up some sort of record keeping system, even a simple blank notebook.  For some ideas of what I use and what other breeders like, see:
*** Record Keeping -- Worth Your Time! (what I use)
*** Keeping Records
     It is now the last week of March, and by April 1st, all my pairs will be set, and Spring will have sprung in my bird room!  : )