November 28, 2017

Do your birds need a Life Coach?

I'll wager you never thought of introducing a 'Big Brother' ( or Sister ) into a flight of youngsters.
The idea of a Song Tutor is well known in the song breeds, but I am talking about an older bird to act as a leader for young canaries of any breed.

Choose a calm, forgiving adult that goes about his business and ignores all the antics of the 'kids'.
I said 'his'... but I have seen both males and hens who get along well with others.  Of course, if he also has a good song, the youngsters may imitate him in that area as well.

I have one male who is worth his weight in gold simply for his calm, unflappable personality, and he also eats any and all seed mixes, new food items, and veggies.
He loves taking a bath and he never 'spooks' at loud noises, sudden movements, or strangers near his cage.  When I put him in a cage with youngsters, soon, they are following his example!

So, think about your birds, and see if there isn't a 'wise one' among them, and next summer, don't forget to try him as a Life Coach.