March 22, 2018

Making bread for the birds....

After making an angel food cake, there were 13 egg yolks left....
It took me a few minutes to think of making 'bird bread'.
I can't believe I didn't think of it immediately! :)

I tore the bread into pieces, pulverized them in my food processor and dried them on large sheet pans in my oven. I expect to be making lots of nestling food  in a few weeks!  :)

Someone will ask about my bread recipe, and I didn't use one.  I do have many 'bird bread' recipes, and most of them have turned out fine.  But this time, I made it simple:  I just started with the extra egg yolks, added whole wheat flour,  quick oatmeal, ....

..... a very little salt (which I don't usually add) and 2 TB yeast.  Yes, it was baker's yeast, which I would not add to any bird food that was not bake.
I could have added other things like red palm oil, a bit of sugar (maybe), apple sauce, etc.
But this simple recipe made a very nice loaf, that crumbed well.

After it was cool, I cut it in cubes, which could be frozen to be served a cube at a time later.
This time, I ran them through my food processor, and then spread the crumbs on baking sheets in a very low warm oven.
After they were dry, I froze them for use later... mixed with some cooked or raw veggies/grains/seeds... and mashed hard boiled egg.

I DO have a food processor just for the birds! :)