January 9, 2019

January In The Bird Room --- Month By Month Journal

I am excited about so many things for the upcoming year!  There are NEW birds!
I have also been researching some 'Diet' questions.  I have pretty definite opinions about feeding canaries, and I have been generally happy with my methods.  But, there are new products for sale, and other breeders have different ideas.  In several areas, my research is confirming my original opinions and at other times, I am learning something new!  I will share my research over several posts later this month.

But, whatever I decide is best for my bird room, may not be best for you!  And what I do is definitely not the ONLY WAY, no matter how well it works for me!  There are nearly as many different ways of caring for and breeding canaries as there are people who own birds!  There are a few basic things nearly every successful canary person will do, but they each do them slightly differently, and in combination with many other aspects of canary husbandry!

One of my complaints about 'social media' is that every time a beginner canary owner posts a question, most of the replies will say 'You MUST do this, or that.'  Or 'This is the ONLY way.'  There is a time and place for in depth answers, but they can also discourage someone who is not ever going to have more than a few canaries as pets.   And many times, the people replying will begin to disagree with each other.
Oh, dear.

The take-away from all this is:  I am posting what happens in my bird room,
what I've learned, and my OPINIONS that result from those experiences!
If my posts make you think, that is all I ask.
New Waterslager hens are enjoying baths.
This song breed is new to me this year and I am having fun learning all I can!

Activity In My Bird Room:
I am gathering nests and other breeding supplies.
I have received a supply of FRESH seed from Herman Bros. and Kruse Feeds.
I am experimenting with sprouting seed and comparing various soft/nestling foods.
Later in this month, I will begin increasing supplements, and additional conditioning food to the males.
I am observing and making notes... finalizing pairing plans.
On My Mind:
I have nearly finished my research into several diet topics, as well as genetics and my care of young birds in late summer and fall.  I will post about these over the next several months.
The FIVE Things That Guide My Bird Room
  • proper day length (suitable for the birds, not 'people' hours)
  • quality water
  • diet
  • the health of myself as well as the birds
  • Keep the JOY in my canary-keeping!
These are the things that I think are most important in my canary hobby.  When all is said and done, my goal is enjoying my canaries as individuals and house pets.  But I also enjoy breeding top quality birds as well.  I have learned WHAT WORKS FOR ME, both for my enjoyment and for the well-being of the birds.

I also have three serious, bad habits, but they are a subject I will cover next month!  :)