January 31, 2020

January In The Bird Room --- Month by Month Journal

I've been doing some study of my notes from the 2019 season...  As an overall summary, I like the effects of my diet plan.
BUT, I did see a definite difference in the months I fed seed I thought was less than fresh! 
Seed consumption was less, water consumption was up, and activity was more fighting or nervousness.
It took about 3 days to become obvious.
When I switched back to seed that smelled fresh and was dust free, I noticed an improvement in about 3 days!
Once again, I proved GOOD SEED is worth it's weight in GOLD!  With rising shipping costs, I have been tempted to order from unknown sources.  I have proven to myself, once and for all:  always buy seed from trusted sources!
Another note that kept appearing again and again during the weeks I used a portion of Purina Flock Raiser in my soft food mix.  The hens fed the soft food readily and the chicks grew well.

I also think I have learned a few things about the different American Singer bloodlines I have.
I will be continuing work with two of my older lines, cautiously testing the line I bought in 2018, and have added new birds from Ed Medrano to my plans for 2020.
At the beginning of the 2019 season, I culled several birds that I thought may be dominate for faults in freedom and maturity. 
I am not sure I will ever prove my opinion, but the youngsters from my 2019 pairings were very nice.  :D

Some new things are planned in 2020!!!
I am completely rearranging my bird room... and will be adding a second area for breeding and molting. 
May also have new paint and new cages!!!!!
I will be photographing some of my best canaries.

I am also working on new online Canary Things!

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