October 6, 2020

WHERE I Buy Seed Mixes

When everything in my canaries' diet must be shipped into my state, COST EFFICIENCY becomes very important.... especially when the number of birds in my home is nearing 200!!!

It is a 200+ mile one way drive to the nearest feed store that would order large bags of canary seed.  But, UPS and FedEx come right to my door!  :)  So, of course, I have 'shopped around' for the online shops with the best prices and the freshest seed.  Besides seed, I also order oatmeal, rolled wheat flakes, poppy seeds, and powdered kelp for my soft food mix, as well as medications and vitamin/mineral supplements.

I am sharing my favorite suppliers. Prices on each item and on shipping costs vary week by week, but these are the ones I recommend.  :)

NOTE:  Quality depends upon the seed used and storage conditions. There will be good and bad of both manufactures and sellers.  Several of these I have used for 3 years or more; others I have only ordered for a year.  These have been the best FOR ME, at this time.

My favorite basic seed mix is a Royal Feeds Roller Canary Mix produced by Leach Grain and Feed. (large and small bags)  

In three years, I have not gotten a stale or dirty bag.  I have ordered from several places, but Wingz Store often has the best price including shipping.  They don't ship immediately every time, but do pack the bag well and it's always fresh.  They also sell other canary mixes as well as individual seeds.

I supplement the basic mix with the Sleek & Sassy Song Treat during molt and in pre-breeding conditioning.  It has a slightly different combination of seeds than the traditional song mix. (large and small bags)

I have used My Parrot Food for over three years.  It has been very clean and fresh, with no pests... also arrives quickly, and well packed.  They also produce Garden and Standard Canary mixes, as well as individual seeds.

Volkmann Science Diet for Canaries is a good mix... enjoyed by young chicks beginning to feed themselves... and seems to be a good one for any time of the year.  It is usually expensive, but I found Grange Co-op and New York Bird Supply carry it in small to large bags.  I have ordered from Grange Co-op for a year, and New York Bird Supply for about 8 months.  So far, it's been good seed from both retailers. (large and small bags)

Of course, I have other favorite suppliers for the bird room needs.  Below are a few that I have used at least once in the past.

Sources of Seed and Supplies

Medications, Supplements, Breeding Supplies:
(may also include seed and feed)