November 2, 2015

New Birds -- Summer 2014

The new birds are here.... so will begin sharing photos!
The Fife pair and Lizard pair arrived in June... and have settled in well.
The Fife pair are cute... and so very friendly.  They are interested in everything I do in the birdroom,
and just can't wait for me to fill their seed dishes.  These would be nice candidates for handtaming.
The Lizard pair... Silver hen on left.  Gold male on right.
Late September, I visited a breeder's birdroom in Great Falls, MT.  I came home with 4 Glosters.  They look nice, and have been in isolation.  So far, they are friendly, calm, and they look like Glosters should!
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Three Glosters... corona male on left, and two consort hens on right.

The corona male... with his long hairdo!
A white consort male.... I am planning pairing him with a frosted yellow hen.

More American Singers!

I have another American Singer trio!  They are isolated ... in a off-corner of our living room.  So, they have activity to adjust to... and are not yet in a flight.... BUT, they are settling in nicely.  And I love the male's song.  He prefers to sing when there is absolute quiet... and most of the time he wakes the house up with song while it is still quite dark!  :)  What a great alarm clock!
     They are from Aji Sunjaya, who was helpful and generous with his advice.  I enjoyed our email communications... and I am sure I will enjoy the birds even more!  Thanks, Aji.
     Aji and his brother are prolific winners at the American Singer song trials and shows.  They had Grand Champion birds in 2011-13.  For some photos and a look at the world of  'bird shows', check out these websites:  American Singers Club, and  Maryland American Singer Club of Today.   Aji is also breeding Yorkshires ,,, he won Best Yorkshire at the Maryland All Canary Club's 2014 Fall Classic.
     I will post better photos when they are moved to a flight and I can get a shot without the cage bars!
The Sunjaya male
The two Sunjaya hens
Male left --- hen right
I now have American Singer birds from three breeders..... what fun to listen and watch over the next few years.  It will be fun to compare song, behavior and breeding!  :)