October 31, 2015

Breeding season 2014

Breeding Season is over for 2014

The breeding season for this year is over... and now I am having fun watching and comparing the young birds!
I hatched 32 young out of five pairs, and then took the hens to a different, darker/cooler room when I thought I had as many birds as I could handle!
I can't believe it worked, or that I convinced myself I had enough!  :)
But the hens seem relieved and are happily eating, resting, and rebuilding their health after all the work of raising young.
I am watching the young birds:  comparing them to each other and to what I am searching for.  So far, I have found several that will make great pets/breeders.  Several young males are showing good color, and an early tendency to song.
The two white cages on the left are the red young, and the right cages contain the American Singer and yellow young.
The cards contain band number/pair/hatch date and information.
You will notice I have moved the canaries into an official BIRDROOM!  :)

The New Bird Room

My family has been very patient with me and the canaries.... when the males would get competitive with their singing, the men would  turn up the volume, move to a different room, or set a book or magazine on the top of a cage to quiet the chatter.
But when the number of birds exceeded a dozen, I began to see signs of stress!!!!
So, I did some rearranging in our utility room and it became a Bird Room!
I still have things to do, but here is a photo of how it looked in January: