October 26, 2015

Breeding season 2011 continued

The Chicks Are Growing!!

Just an update.... at the rate they are growing, soon they will look enough like Mama and Daddy that the photos won't be interesting!! Here are the chicks at 10 days old:
And again, at 12 days old:
The last photo, taken at 15 days of age, yesterday.  I used a flash... so will try to do better soon.

My, how many birds you have, my dear!!!

Hard to imagine I didn't have a single cage four months ago!!!!

Left to right:
The Gloster hen is in the 'tv cabinet' box cage, with the Gloster male and the 2 young ones from the first hatch in the cage on the table in front.
The two square dark cages in the middle have the varigated hen in one and the yellow hen in the other.  The little cage is wired between the doors of each cage... so that the male can go from one hen to the other however he is needed. He goes into the little cage whenever he wants to move, and I close one door behind him and open the other!  :)
The white cage on the right has the 3 young ones from the yellow hen's first hatch.

Oh, Grannie and Stubby are still in the kitchen, so that makes 6 cages on April 11th!!!

( I do plan on 'consolidating' the hens into one or two cages, when they have finished nesting!)