October 27, 2015

Breeding season 2011

Long Story Short:  There are CANARY BABIES!
Here is the yellow hen with one little guy's head showing... at 4 days of age:

Here is the nest with all four chicks:
The Gloster hen hatched 2 TINY chicks!
It is amazing how tiny they are! I know the Gloster Fancy breed is supposed to be smaller than the regular singing and color breeds, AND the hen and male are smaller....
BUT these babes are TINY!
The egg left in the nest is about the size of my thumbnail, if that large... maybe more like the nail on my index finger.

The chicks are 6 days old!

I am having problems getting a good photo of Dad feeding the birds, because everytime I get close, he stops and glares at me!  This one is taken from some distance!
Notice the 'droppings' along the edge of the nest.  The little ones scoot their tail end up to the edge of the nest or over the edge.  Keeps the nest clean, I guess.